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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Saint John's Bible and it's illuminations in Santa Fe, NM

(Genesis 28 - please click to enlarge)

Fourty-four illuminated pages from The Saint John's Bible are on display in New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe until April 7th 2012. Last Monday, November 7th a group of enthusiastic Botanical Illustrators went to listen to the artistic Director Donald Jacson's presentation about his 14 years with the project  and then joined with him afterwards for a private reception at the Museum. It was unbelievable to see the folio sized illuminations on velum and study the calligraphic technique used for this mastodon task. Once again it became clear how poorly the digital reproductions compare with the original work. It was a great pleasure to connect with Donald Jackson and other members of the artistic team and also meet the representatives from the Saint John's Abbey, Minnesota.

While in Santa Fe we also had an opportunity to see the Book Arts Group Show at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery. Please see some of the photos form our Santa Fe trip by clicking here
We are planning to organize another 3-day trip from Colorado to Santa Fe prior the illuminated pages leave the History Museum in April 2012. If you like to get more information about the trip, please contact Mervi   

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