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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Special Collections at University of Colorado and Miniatures

(Book of Hours from c 1420)

Our goal is to enrich the Botanical Illustration classes with special lectures, field trips, and visit to the experts on the field. Last month we visited the Special Collections Department, University of Colorado at Boulder. Ass. Professor Deborah Hollis gave us an overview of the Medieval manuscript leaves and other illuminated material included in the CU Boulder collections. We also got a glimpse of the numerous herbals in the collections. A large amount of the collections is digitized and can be viewed electronically over the internet. Nothing it better than look at the original though. Please see some photos from our visit and the material which we could study close by. Access the photos by clicking here.
This visit was a part of the class: Drawing on Tradition: Marie Angel's Illuminated  Miniatures (instructed by Renee Jorgensen). Marie Angel was a renown miniaturist and calligrapher who melded together the medieval craft and her modern eye. She died in 2010. 
Samples from art that was produced in the classroom can be found by clicking here. 
(Students examining the old collections)

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