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Thursday, January 5, 2012


(Radiance in Realism - Magnolia, Renee Jorgensen, mixed media)

Our Botanical Illustration teaching is resuming next week and the 2012 program is opened by a great line-up of classes. There are still seats available in Light on Form, Elegant Hand Lettering (calligraphy I) and Radiance in Realism which are starting on Monday, January 9th.
For more information and to register, please click here, or call 720-865-3580. For our course program please click course program icon on the right hand column, or go to the Denver Botanic Gardens' Website. I will specifically encourage you to consider our Composition for Botanical Illustration, which typically sells out quickly, but have at the moment some seats available.

(please click the image to enlarge, © Marjorie Leggitt)

Composition is a class which should be taken in the early phase of your art and illustration studies (Some of the many testimonials that we have got in: "I WISH I'd had this very early on. I find it's the most important class since pencil one."; "This class should be one of the first requirements when starting the program. Everything builds on this class . . .")

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