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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Albrecht Dürer - Independent Businessman and a Genius Entrepreneur

(The Great Piece of Turf, 1503; Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528); Watercolor and gouache on paper; 16 1/8 x 12 5/8 in. (41 x 32 cm); Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna)

Albrecht Dürer's watercolor, The Large Turf, is a masterpiece of realism and he portrays individual members of the different species with each blade and stem and leaf and flower given a differentiated identity. Das Grosse Rasendtück doesn't visually isolate or distinguish its various plants, it presents them in a state of natural disarray, confused, interleaved, entangled. Dürer introduced a new subject for the artists: Even the simplest detail in the nature is worth painting and documenting, nature should be studied for its own shake. 
Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) is northern Europe's answer to the Renaissance man. In the range of his intellectual interests and pictorial accomplishments, this artist from Nuremberg has been set beside Leonardo da Vinci. He delighted in mystical symbolism, and as well as painting, he was, above all, a printmaker, engraver, writer and respected geometrician. Dürer’s shell curve was presented in his work Instruction in measurement with compasses and straight edge (1525).

The Economists recently featured Albrect Dürer in an article about the business model that Dürer invented in the 15th-16th century (Economist, December 17, 2011). 
Dürer was mostly active in Nürnberg, Germany. 
The Arts and Archives 2012 Europe tour will visit Albrech Dürer House and also Germanisches Nationalmuseum where the majority of Dürer's originals are kept. More information about the tour, please click here.
(Please, click the image to read the Economist's article)

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