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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Our Botanical Illustration Program is offering it again!!!   On our class you can find out about the interesting development of this pagan talisman that is so popular in Christianity. Are they magical or just magically beautiful? Learn to make jewel like eggs that you will be addicted to for life! 
To find out more about this 3-day Pysanky: Ukrainian Eggs' weekend workshop, please click here.
Pysanky is the plural form of pysanka, a Ukrainan word which means “hand written egg” or richly decorated Ukrainian Easter Egg.  Pysanky design involves drawing with hot beeswax using a specialty drawing tool,  kitsky. 
Pysanky is an ancient art form and has been known at least since 30thcentury BCE. The most common designs found on pysanky are associated with plants, flowers and fruit. In the past, the women who wrote pysanky–pysankarky–drew their inspiration from the world of nature, depicting flowers, trees, fruits, leaves and whole plants in a highly stylized fashion. 
Pysanka Museum in Ukraine
The Ukrainian Museum in New York, NY
To see more pictures from our class last year, please click here.

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