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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dry Point Intaglio

(Tulips by Angela Tingle)
Drypoint is the simplest method of printmaking within the intaglio family. The image is directly drawn into an intaglio plate with a sharp pointed instrument or a diamond point and no acid is used. This "scratching" creates a bur that holds the ink The bur is fragile and the wear created through the process of printing means that the plate will only yield an edition of up to ten prints of good quality.
 Through the history drypoint has been used by the masters: Albrech Duerer, Joris Hoefnagel, Maria Sibylla Meriam and Rembrant to name a few of them. Traditionally the plate has been of copper or zinc but in the modern times also plexiglas is used. Our Botanical Illustration Program included for the very first time a class in Drypoint Printing in the series of Drawing in Tradition. You can see pictures from that class by clicking here (instructors Annie Reiser and Patricia Brantead)
(Shirley Adler's print before and after color application)

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