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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bookbinding and Paper arts in the Botanical Illustration Program

During the past six months we have offered several courses in book binding and paper arts. All the skills taught can be applied to produce useful and beautiful items both as gifts or for our own enjoyment:
1.Coptic binding for sketchbooks, journals or color mixing journals (Davey board and Arches 90 lb hot press paper)
    - picture above
2. Three different artistic boxes: clamshell box, hinged lid box and a box with a separate lid.
- perfect for stationary, pens, rare or quality books, small items

3. Japanese kangxi bound book for  sketches, photos or scrap book  and variations of four hole retchoso bound book for notes

4. Pop-up wildflowers, on both the entry and advanced levels. The latter included original design of pop-up structures.
5. Case binding course starting soon. During this 9-hr class two different cases are produced: first a single signature gift book with Arches 90 lb watercolor paper to learn the structure and second a bound volume of journals or periodicals.

You can see additional information and images for all these classes in the BI-Facebook or by clicking the different course topics.

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