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Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet the Natives - the 11th edition is on the market

Meet the Natives - A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, Trees, and Shrubs.
- Bridging the Gap between Trail and Garden
(ISBN: 978-1-55566-441-1)

The much anticipated revised and expanded eleventh edition of M. Walter Pesman' s Meet the Natives is now available for everybody who likes to explore the Rocky Mountain urban and wilderness trails (Denver Botanic Gardens Gift shop, Botanical Illustration classroom, publisher). Mr. Dan Johnson, Curator of Native Plants at Denver Botanic Gardens has done the extensive revision, and added nearly 100 new entries (the total number of describes species is over 500) to the guide. This is the first edition with color photos both by Dan Johnson and Ms. Lorraine Yeatts to assist with identification. The photos are excellent and show clearly the typical features of the presented plants.
This guide includes plants that existed here before the European settlement - these are the "native" plants, it also includes a selection of introduced plants (with a notion: non-native species) that have become common and sometimes even invasive. We can find a table showing the elevations of towns, peaks, passes and parks with the information about the respective life-zone. The life-zones are explained thoroughly in reference to the Rocky Mountain area in the beginning of the guide. The species are clearly grouped in (1) Ferns, Horsetails, and Spikemosses, (2) Grasses and grass-like plants, ( 3) Trees and shrubs, Herbaceous flowering plants (incl. Cacti) according to the flower color (4) green, brown, (5) white and cream, (6) yellow, (7) orange, (8) red, maroon, (9) reddish-purple, (10) pink and (11) blue, bluish-purple. Each of the sections starts with a beautiful botanical illustration, showing the flower color for the species in the section to follow. In addition to the quick-reference chart the reader can also find horticultural information on how to bring these durable native plants into your own garden.
  (Dodecatheon pulchellum by Karen Cleaver, page 201, section Pink)

This guide is extremely complete, informative and beautiful and should be in everyone's backpack. Highly recommended!
(Botanical illustrations included in the guide are by Annie Reiser, Karla Beatty, Marjorie Leggitt, Susan Rubin, Libby Kyer, Constance Sayas, Mary Clark, Marjorie Joy, Jan Boyd-Haring, Karen Cleaver and Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski) 

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