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Friday, May 18, 2012

Botanical Illustration program memorializes Sydney Parkinson

(Sydney Parkinson Medallion with the likeness of Mr. Sydney Parkinson on one side and a likeness of the Ficus parkinsonii on the reverse) 

Sydney Parkinson Award for Botanical Illustration was established to honor the character, devotion and fortitude exemplified by Sydney Parkinson (c. 1745 - 1771)  in pursuit of botanical exploration evidenced by his documentation and illustration, and to recognize the certificated student that most closely reflects those values. 
The award shall be granted from time to time, but not necessarily annually, to an outstanding graduating/graduated student within the Botanical Illustration Program or an individual from the national or international landscape who has contributed greatly to the field of botanical illustration and/or plant exploration and related documentation.  
The award will consist of a limited edition, 2¾” pewter medallion and also a cash grant when the designee is an outstanding graduating/graduated student from the Denver Botanic Gardens' Botanical Illustration Program. 

The Natural History Museum in London was presented the Sydney Parkinson Medal #1 in connection of the 2012 Arts and Archives Europe Tour for its continuous encouragement and support of botanic and scientific documentation. (Ms. Andrea Hart from the NHM's Botany Library with the BI-program Manager, March 23, 2012)

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