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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Denver's Canopy - The Nature of Deciduous Trees

(Acer platanoides by Heidi Snyder, Colored pencil on mylar, Denver's Canopy, p. 6 - please click the image to enlarge)

This week Denver Botanic Gardens released a beautiful publication as a tribute to Dr. Moras Shubert who celebrated his 100th birthday on May 21st, 2012. Dr. Shubert is a founder of Denver Botanic Gardens and has been serving on the Board of Trustees continuously since 1951. The deciduous trees of Denver has been a life time passion of Dr. Shubert.
Denver's Canopy - The Nature of Deciduous Trees is a limited edition book (225 signed and numbered copies only) dedicated to Dr. Shubert who had the vision and idea for this book. The senior author is Sonia John and the contributing authors are Panayoti Kelaidis and Martin F. Quigley. The text is accompanied by photographs and over 30 botanical illustrations by Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustration community: Estelle DeRidder, Jan Boyd Haring, Marjorie Leggitt, Katherine McCrery, Randy Raak, Heidi Snyder and Amy Weinstein - (graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and pen and ink illustrations are included). 

This beautiful book with 86 pages is packed with information about Denver's deciduous trees and definitely should belong in every Colorado home.

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