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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exotic Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project

Exotic Botanical Illustration by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan is the fourth book in the Eden Project series. This time the focus is on unusual colors and complex textures of exotic plants which might challenge the botanical illustrator/artist. This book guides you through each stage of the illustration process with abundance of exercises and step-by-step projects. It primarily concentrates in water media but has a short section also for colored pencil.
There is something for beginners and more experienced botanical illustrators alike, ranching from bananas and pineapples to complex orchids, passion flowers and carnivorous plants. 
Including plenty of worksheets, sketches, color swatches and finished illustrations (note: especially the green colors have not always been reproduced correctly) this work gives something to everyone and is warmly recommended to botanical illustrators of all levels.
At the moment the book is available only in England and New Zealand, Amazon in the US is predicting it to show up in the market in September.

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