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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 BI-Scholarships

(Hyoscyamus reticulatus by Tulay Yilmaz, watercolor)

Each year the School of Botanical illustration awards scholarships for new students who are 15 years or older and planning to enroll in any of the required classes without pre-requisites in Denver Botanic Gardens’ Botanical Art and Illustration program. In 2012 we have three recipients:

1. Tulay Yilmaz, Ankara Turkey. Tulay is currently completing her Master of Science studies in Molecular Genetics (Expected to be completed in February 2013) and she will be coming to Denver, CO in April 2013. 
2. Abigale Grace, Lafayette, CO enrolled to the Botanical illustration program already in August 2012 and has since then completed six of the 14 required courses.

(As Above So Below, Abigale Grace, acrylic, thread, wool glass beads)

3. Beverly Longe, Denver, CO has studied in the Columbus College of Art and Design and Denver Art Student League. She will enroll to classes in 2013.

(Leaf study by Beverly Longe, watercolor)

Congratulations to all the recipients - welcome to the School of Botanical Art and Illustration!

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