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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bird Illustration Course at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden

(Alifie Rojas, graphite)

The Bird illustration course at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden (San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico) started with studying the different parts of the bird in the classroom then continued with live sketching of chickens and ducks. Finally everybody was illustrating from photos using also 3-dimensional model as helping tool to solve the perspective issues. Some of the students had not done any illustration prior to this class and the progress made during the 5-day course was amazing. 
Congratulations for all the 14 students; congratulations and thank you for Maestro Randy Raak. Students from San Miguel de Allende and those who were travelling from distance (some all the way from Mexico City) very happy for the learning experience. SBAI (School of Botanical Art and Illustration) will be back! 
Please see images from the class by clicking here.
(Lots of individual guidance, Maestro Raak and Pakina)

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