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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Following in the Bartrams' Footsteps

Panicum virgatum, watercolor by Susan Curnutte (please click the image to enlarge)

American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) initiated a travelling exhibit Following in the Bartram's Footsteps: Contemporary Botanical Artists Explore the Bartram's Legacy  featuring artwork of plants grown, sold and introduced by John and William Bartram. The first venue for this exhibit will be Bartram's Garden Gallery in Philadelphia, PA (April 26 - May 24, 2013). 
Among the accepted artwork were Susan Curnutte's Panicum virgatum and Estelle DeRidder's Dipsacus fullonum. Both artists are graduates from our School: Estelle in 2010 and Susan 2012 and active members of our BI-community.
Dipsacus fullonum by Estelle Deridder (please click the image to enlarge)

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