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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old and Contemporary mixed with Miniatures

(succulent, graphite ~2" x 3", Lee Cook)

Back to School- our spring semester 2013 is is full action. Most of the current courses are 5-week courses, but we have also already included three 3-day 15-hr weekend workshops. Last weekend we learned from David Ashley the very basic techniques of gold leaf gilding that dates back to the first centuries of our era. Gilding is associated mainly with books produced between 300 CE through 1600 CE within the Judeo-Christian and Islamic cultures. As early as 2000 BCE the Bronze Age goldsmiths had developed several gilding techniques to make object look as if they were pure gold. 
Zentangle as a movement is probably as young as gilding is old. On our 15-hour weekend workshop the students improved their confidence in line work and applied the technique in botanical subject matter. Finally I have posted some projects from the "Miniature Masterpieces in Graphite" course. on that 5-week course the students finalize one plate/week. The pieces are small, generally around 2" x 2", extremely detailed masterpieces. Please click here to see a random sampling from these three classes (or go directly to the BI-Facebook).
.(M for Minnick, 23k gold leaf, walnut ink and gouache, Nance Minnick) 


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This is cool!