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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SBAI 2013 Chronicles

(Spring back bound ledger book by M. Hjelmroos-Koski)

SBAI-2013 Chronicles is loosely based on the SketchtraveI-project and directed to 2013 SBAI students and instructors.
 Sketchtravel – project was founded in Paris in 2006. Gerald Guerlais and Daisuke Dice Tsustumi created a book that traveled from hand to hand all over the globe and 71 artists (illustrators, cartoonists, animation designers etc.) contributed to it. It took four years for that particular project to be completed; the original book was auctioned in November 2011 and a reproduced and printed version with overview of the participating artists is available through amazon 

- All 2013 students and instructors (including guest instructors) of the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver Botanic Gardens are eligible to participate and sign up for this project. A handmade 160-page springback bound book (Arches 90lb, HP watercolor paper) and protective leather box is made for this purpose.
- Each artist has one page to use (11” x 7.5”)
- Each artist will have up to one week to compose the page.
- Any techniques included in the School curriculum can be applied on Chronicles' pages.
- The SBAI-2013 Chronicles shall be handed in person to the next student/artist at Denver Botanic Gardens, the School’s satellite locations, or during our travel programs.-
- Anyone interested in participating please contact the School Manager. Let her know if there are any time periods during 2013 that you would not be able to receive the book. She must also be informed when the book is given to next artist.
- The original book will be auctioned. A special limited edition book will be printed and made available.
- All proceeds from this project will go to the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver Botanic Gardens.  

This is not only about skills and abilities, but also about creativity, ideas and friendship. Even though this is a collective work, each image in the book should reflect ones individual part in the BI-community, and reveal some of the heart and mind.

2013 SBAI instructors are planning to participate and every 2013 student is encouraged to join this project!

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