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Friday, February 15, 2013

Calligraphy, Carbondust and Chronicles

(Carbondust by Mary McCauley; please click the image to enlarge)

Our entry level carbondust course ended just in time before the very intense calligraphy week started. Please see some images from that class by clicking here, the instructor was Karla Beatty. 
We have had the pleasure to offer two techniques' courses in Italics instructed by Veiko Kespersaks, who is the current chairman of the SSI (Society of Scribes and Illuminators). Veiko is based in London, U.K. and is also the lecturer of calligraphy in Satakunta University in Finland. First 3-day course was beginner level Italic Script and the second 3-day class will be digging deeper in the Italic variations. We have also spent one day this week in the Special Collections Department at Norlin Library, University of Colorado, Boulder. You can view more images about the calligraphy course and Norlin's library visit by clicking here

Finally the SBAI 2013 Chronicles have got four contributions by now, and the book travels again - 

(The hand needs the tool and the tool gives wings to the hand... Here we can see Karen Genoff-Campbell's practice sheet)

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