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Friday, March 1, 2013

SBAI Alumni Volunteers

(Cattleya sp. , colored pencil by Karen May, please click the image to enlarge)

The Alumni Volunteers of the School of Botanical Art and Illustration were established in November 2012 and spearheaded by Karen May and Judy Vanderbosch. The Alumni Volunteers make a welcome contribution to the School assisting in several activities, and one of the most important is the courtesy call that every student with a current phone number on file gets in the week before a new class starts. The Alumni makes the final check that the student knows where the class is held, what time it starts, if the students has the materials list and if the student has completed the pre-requisites for the class. Since the first week of January the Alumni have already made 293 courtesy phone calls. 
To join he SBAI Volunteers, the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate of Completion from Denver Botanic Gardens is needed. As part of the Denver Botanic Gardens' Volunteer Program the SBAI Alumni volunteer must also complete the volunteer training at the Gardens before joining the SBAI Alumni Volunteers.
The illustration above is the newest page in the SBAI 2013 Chronicles by Karen May

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