It takes a gifted artist to become a great teacher and those who dare to teach never cease to learn.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grafito y Color

(Maple leaf study by Karla Beatty)
Our first class was held today in the quirky round classroom at El Charco. There were fourteen eager and appreciative students. A full house! It is a strong mix of English and Spanish language, and I'm so sorry to say that students must put up with the way I butcher the Spanish language. But we approach it all with humor and good spirits and that will get you through anything, verdad? 
We began our first class of the week with an approach based on leaves and foliage. I asked El Charco for a few samples of some of the local shrubs or small trees--mesquite and acacia--and one of the workers came into the class with a few big branches pruned from the shrubs! Full of thorns, too, ouch!
New students are ALWAYS so appreciative of the way that we teach drawing with pencils. They say that despite the art classes they may have had earlier, no one had ever taught them how to hold pencils, make marks on the paper, and create the kind of shading or toning the way that we teach at DBG. Whoo hooo! They are excited and eager to learn.
Although I understand you are having some more wintry weather there in Denver it is very hot here in Mexico. But the evenings and mornings are cool so it remains very pleasant. Of course I am so excited to be out and about the town that I am walking about in the heat, anyway. You know what they say, "Mad dogs and Englishmen....." Maybe the wrong country, the wrong continent, even, but I think it still applies! 

Hasta Manana,
Karrrrrla   (roll those rrrrrs)