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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Polycarbonate Pencils for Film

(Polycarbonate pencils on film on left and Pen and Ink on paper on the right by Randy Raak, please click to enlarge) 

Last August I blogged about film pencils and the workshop that Alice Tangerini from Smithsonian was teaching in our School. You can read about the course and technique by clicking here. We have now incorporated this media in our curriculum and the first course is in process with Randy Raak as the instructor. I have posted some images already in the BI-Facebook and will keep you updated with more images later. You can find these pencils and leads quite easily, some students prefer Mylar, some Duralar (by Graffix) or OCE as the ground.
Yucca flower with Yucca moth is a challenge to illustrate in black and white, as it is white on white on white. Here both of them rendered by Randy Raak. (Please kick the image to enlarge)