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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quality for over 250 years: Faber-Castell and Polychromos

(From our Arts and Archives 2012 Tour to London and Southern Germany)

Colored pencil is one of the four main mediums taught in our School of Botanical Illustration. We start the training with Color Layering for Colored Pencils-course and recommend the Polychromos pencils from Faber-Castell for quality and reliability. 
Last year we visited the Faber-Castell headquarters and factory in Stein, a little town next to N├╝renberg, Germany. Listen to the BBC 30-minute radio program about two major pencil companies: Faber Castell and Staedler by clicking here (skip to the start of the program at 1 min 10 sec). The transcript of the program is available by clicking here. (More pictures form our visit to Faber-Castell)
   (From our Arts and Archives 2012 Tour to London and Southern Germany)

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