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Monday, April 15, 2013

Winners for 2013 Margaret Flockton award

This was the 10th anniversary for the Margaret Flockton Award. In addition to all new illustrators, all the former winners were invited to participate. In this years exhibit in the Maiden Theatre 38 competing art pieces are hung in addition to twelve original Margaret Flockton sketches, lithographs and an oil painting.
If you are visiting Sydney, Australia, please make sure to see this exhibit (Monday 15 April - Friday 26 July 2013, 10 am-4 pm.Red Box Gallery, National Herbarium of NSW, Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney) and the Botanica display.
 And here are the winners (Please, click the images to enlarge):

First Place Prize ($5000) to Rogerio Lupo from Brazil for Vellozia perdicipes sp.nov.
Second Place prize ($2500) to Lucy Smith from UK for Lecomtella madagascariensis

The following three were Highly Commended recipients ($500): 

1. Klei Sousa from Brazil for Cattleya forbesii
2. Edmundo Saavedra Vidal from Mexico from Dennstaedtiaceae in Veracruz
3. Pauline Dewar form Australia for Pellaea rotundifolia

Congratulations from Denver to all of you!