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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Expressive ink in the style of Arthur Rackham

View from somewhere in the Southwest, Sue Klebold, mixed media, Starthmore mixed media board 500 Series

In our series Drawing on Tradition we just completed a class focusing on Arthur Rackham's work and style. Arthur Rackham was born on the second half of the 19th century and has been called the leading illustrator of the Edwardian period.
One of the students in the class commented: On this advanced course the students needed to combine all the knowledge they had learned on the previous classes: composition botany, perspective, form, drawing skills, handling of the media (pen and ink and color), and they needed to tell a story. 
You can see more images of the illustrations in process by clicking here
I like to emphasize that most of these pieces are yet in process and the follow up (completed) illustrations will be posted on June 16th 2013.

Here the apple tree on the right is trying to figure how the little bird fell out from her nest and what to do? Susan DiMarchi, the instructor for this class, mixed media,  Starthmore mixed media board 500 Series  

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such a nice job, sue!