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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arts and Archives 2013 - first six hours after arrival

Linnaeus Hammarby 
 There couldn't be a better introduction to our 2013 Arts and Archives tour than a visit to Hammarby Manor, Linnaeus summer residence which he bought 1758. Five of the original buildings are still on the property in addition to some forty plant species  that was planted during Linnaeus time (e.g., Siberian crab apple and a shrubbery with Lonicera tatarica and Prunus mahaleb).
We were overwhelmed  by the original wallpapers from 18th century consisting of plant illustrations many of those made by Georg Ehret. We got the rare privilege to visit Linnaeus bedroom and study the originals illustrations.(No photography inside the buildings)
On the hill north of the main building lies Linnaeus' own museum which he had built in 1769 after the big fire in Uppsala. The Museum is built of stone making it fire safe. It contains only one room.
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Linnaeus Hammarby is located some 12 km outside Uppsala and one of the sites all plant lovers and illustrators should visit.

Detail of a fish hanging from the ceiling at Linnaeus' Natural History Museum,opened 1769