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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Arts and Archives’ Uppsala day: Carolina Rediviva and Linnaeus –

Bird illustration with actual bird feathers by an unknown artist, likely 17th-18th century (please click to enlarge), Carolina Rediviva archives, Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala University library was founded in 1620 by King Gustav II Adolf. The university was already been active for 143 years. In 1841 the library was moved to the newly build Carolina Rediviva. We spend our morning in the special collections where we were shown rarities among the Early PrintedBooks, illustrations connected to Linnaeus and Olof Rudbeck  (17th century). We were also able to see Charles De Geer’s outstanding  illustrations of insects and butterflies. As a special treat we could be among the first ones to study the newly discovered collection of bird illustrations which most likely are from the 17th-18th century, however at the moment the artist or scientist behind this material is unknown. 
The library’s special exhibit included for instance the Silver Bible, Sweden’s most valuable book written in the beginning of the 6th century, the oldest preserved original document written in Swedish from 1330 and Linnaeus' account of the reproductive system of plants from 1729 (no photos from this exhibit).
On our way to the special tour of the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus museum we stopped by Gustavianum including the Anatomical theater
Rounding up the day with Linnaeus garden and his former home was a perfect completion of our Uppsala visit and the second day of Arts and Archives 2013 tour.
Please see the photos connected to this day by clicking here.

     Charles de Geer's illustrations, (please click to enlarge), Carolina Rediviva archives, Uppsala, Sweden

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