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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Botanical Illustration Scholarships

 (Virginia Creeper and Crossbeak by Karen Boggs Bryant)

Each year the School of Botanical Illustration awards scholarships for new students who are 15 years or older and planning to enroll in any of the required classes  in Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration. In 2013 we have three recipients:

1. Karen Boggs Bryant earned a certificate in Botanical Illustration in 1992 from Denver Botanic Garden's newly established Certificate program for Botanical Illustration. Her intention is to complete the current Foundational Certificate and continue for our Diploma

(Sandhill Cranes by Rebecca Corbett)
2. Rebecca Corbett has a degree in Medical Biology, works in a hospital and from time to time does medical illustration for her colleagues. She is already enrolled in the botanical illustration courses and her goal is, after the certificate in Botanical Illustration continue for the Masters of the Arts degree.

 (A Whale greeting card by Libby Bryant)
3. Libby Bryant starts with her very first Botanical Illustration class in January 2014. For her the discovery of the School of Botanical Illustration is the best gift anyone could have given me right now.


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