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Friday, December 27, 2013

Two SBAI-Graduates start with SBA's Diploma Course!

(The Adoration of the Aubergines, Shanelle Deater, watercolor - click the image to enlarge)

Shanelle Deater and Sendy Issanti received our Foundational Certificate in Botanical Illustration in November 2013. They were also accepted to the Society of Botanical Artists' Distance Learning Course and will start their 27-month journey towards the SBA Diploma in January 2014.
Susan Curnutte (our 2012 graduate) started with the same journey in January 2013. 
 (Ananas cv., Sendy Issanti, graphite - click the image to enlarge)

(Aubergine, Susan Curnutte, colored pencil- click the image to enlarge)

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