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Monday, January 20, 2014

Did you know about Luis Meléndez?

(Still life with pears by Luis Meléndez)

 Luis Egidio Meléndez (1716–1780) is recognized today as the greatest Spanish still-life painter of the 18th century. He transformed the most mundane of kitchen fare into powerful images through his mastery of composition and light, and his remarkable ability to convey the volume and texture of individual objects.
Meléndez was born in Naples in 1716 and the family moved back to Madrid, Spain when Luis was one year old. 
Unlike most of the 17th-century masters Meléndez subject matter is presented physically closer to the viewer, at a lower vantage point, encouraging the spectator to study the objects for themselves. The use of strong lighting to bring out the volume of the objects enhanced his extraordinary descriptive skill. 

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Preparing for the class, still life in process, colored pencil on black background - Annie Reiser (instructor)

A still life with Tomatoes, a Bowl of Aubergines, and Onions by Melendez, c. 1771-1774

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