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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recent discovery named after JAMES GURNEY: Torvosaurus gurneyi

Artistic rendering of Torvosaurus gurneyi (Photo Reuters), the biggest beast form the past
The remains of Torvosaurus gurneyi, a 10 meter long carnivorous beast weighing up to 3.6 tonnes was discovered in Lourinha, Portugal already for ten years ago but the nomenclature was confirmed only very recently. This is the largest predator ever discovered in Europe. It lived some 150 million years ago, at the time when the proto-Iberian Peninsula was connected with a short term land bridge to Jurassic North America as suggested by the Portuguese research team. Read more about these findings by clicking here.

Christophe Hendrickx was the lead investigator in this research team. National Geographic's article about the topic can be found here.

His skull measured around 1.2 meters, and the blade-shaped teeth were 10 centimeters long...

Torvosaurus gurneyi is named in honor of James Gurney - Congratulations!

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