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Friday, April 25, 2014

Arts and Archives 2014 in RHS' Lindley Library

Our 2014 tour started just a few hours after arriving at Heathrow airport in London with the visit to Royal Horticulture Society's Lindley Library. It was raining and many of us were slightly exhausted after the flight. 
We met the Outreach Librarian, Elizabeth Koper and were able to study a fraction of the library's vast collection of rare original plates and books. We also had the opportunity to see some samples from the contemporary holdings and works from the recent gold-medal winners. The RHS Lindley Library contains the finest collection of literature on gardening, horticulture and cultivated plants in the world and a unique collection of botanical art.  Everybody was excited and it was hard to leave the location after such an excellent presentation and discussion afterwards. 
Please see more pictures from the day by clicking here. 
(Susan is studying the hand-colored, engraved illustration of a gooseberry variety described as the 'Early Green Hairy Gooseberry', engraved by S. Watts (fl.1820-45).

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