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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arts and Archives 2014: Back to London and Hand & Lock

Gold embroidered shoes (Hand & Lock)
 This morning we left Paris behind us and returned with the Eurostar back to to London. During the afternoon we had a pleasant and interesting visit with Hand & Lock embroidery company, which is a fusion of two hand embroidery companies M Hand (founded 1767) and S Lock (founded 1898). Hand specialized in gold  and silk work while Lock has provided a source of inspiration for fashion, theater and interior design.  As a traditional embroidery company, their heritage reaches back to Roman times and they have become world renowned as providers of the finest hand embroidery. Their clientele includes the Royal Family and other celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. 
We got an overview of the history from the Production Director, Jessica Pile and a very informative presentation techniques by the Head Designer Scott Heron. Please see more pictures by clicking here.
(The Millennium Bridge over Thames with the London Bridge in the background)

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