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Friday, May 9, 2014

Arts and Archives 2014: Kew Gardens with Dr. Shirley Sherwood

Dr. Shirley Sherwood welcoming us to her Gallery 
In spite of the rain everybody was really excited because Dr. Shirley Sherwood was going to give us a tour of her gallery and comment all the spectacular work that is displayed there. We did get this tour together with Jenny Phillips, Vickey Thomas, Roberta Mattioli and Coral Guest making the whole experience absolutely fantastic. 
In four of the six galleries the ‘Botanical Art in the 21st Century’ was shown with some recent paintings from Italy (these were shown in Pisa earlier this year) alongside a large number of paintings from Dr. Sherwood's collection. This exhibit is the first major display of Italian recent works in the UK (about 25 paintings from Italy and 75 from Shirley Sherwood's collection). The USA artists includes Kate Nessler, de Golke, Emmons, Finnan ,Katie Lee, McElwain, Strickland , Woodin. 
Nearly 50 artists in total from 14 countries are presented. Barbara Oozeerally’s magnolia paintings were on display and those also appear in her important magnolia book.
After the gallery we visited the Kew Library with Julia Buckey's always so fantastic presentation plus the herbarium. Lucy Smith showed us there her recent work and her working environment.
See more pictures from the day by clicking here.

Lucy Smith showing us her original work for the New Guinea palms (around 250 plates in total)