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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Arts and Archives 2014: Last days in London - SBA, V&A and Portobello Market

Society of Botanical Artists Annual Show with some 700 works (lots of triple and quadruplet hanging) 

SBA's exhibit opening was timely during our last full day in London. Also this time it had over 700 entries and was a massive task to master in few hours. I wish we could have had the opportunity to go back there several times and study the works more. Before entering the show we had lots of excitement while being part of the crowd waiting for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to arrive to Westminster Abbey for the Bath service. 
On Fridays Victoria & Albert Museum is open to !0 p.m. which gave us plenty of time to browse through even that museum before leaving London. 
Saturday morning some early birds went to Portobello Antiques Market and then it was time to leave Europe. 
For more pictures, please click here.
Queen Elizabeth arriving to Westminster Abbey (Please click to enlarge)

(This post was written at Heathrow Airport while waiting for our gate to open)

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