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Friday, June 27, 2014

From Hunt to Tachikawa

1. Hunt 104; 2. Hunt 102; 3. Tachikawa G; 4. Brause 66EF (nibs are not in scale)

In addition to Rotring Rapidograph .25 and .35 technical pens we use four different nibs at our second level Pen and Ink class:
1. Hunt 104: Finest superfine art pen for the fine hair lines and smallest details.
2. Hunt 102: This superfine and flexible nib is said to be America's most popular art pen, also called Crow Quill
3. Tachikawa G: This nib produces a variety of lines from very fine to bold depending on the amount of pressure. This chrome plated nib is also used for Copperplate and Spencerian scripts.
4. Brause 66 EF: Very flexible nib giving thick down strokes and fine thins. This nib is also called Arrow Nib and it has been manufactured by the German company Brause since 1850. It has a high ink capacity.

Please see some of the practice pieces with the nibs by clicking here.

(Deanna Gammon's first practice piece with the nibs)