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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Power of Storytelling - Sequential Art

(Liz McCauley's character page in process, please click to enlarge)

Following the 2-hour presentation about Visual Storytelling and Science Through Sequential Art at the annual GNSI-conference last week, David R. Clarke led a very successful extended weekend workshop at Denver Botanic Gardens. 
The goal was to develop a one-page comic strip, but at the end of the third day all participants had laid out a 16-page story about topics such as invasive species in Hawaii to a frog who becomes a yoga teacher. 
The class will stay in touch and give a progress update and a possible publication of the material. It was a refreshing  experience for scientific illustrators who often focus to the minute details.
Please see more pictures from the workshop by clicking here.
(different yoga poses pretended by the  Yogy Frog and drawn by Charlotte Ricker; please click to enlarge)

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