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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The New Sylva

When John Evelyn's Sylva was published in 1664 it was the world's first comprehensive study of trees. It was published by the Royal Society and didn't include any illustrations because it was understood that everybody at that time knew how the common trees looked like.
Siverologist Gabriel Hemery and artist Sarah Simblet have recently published an inspirational contemporary version called The New Sylva. It offers a deep and enriching  understanding of our forests and orchards. Its over 200 absolutely exquisite ink drawings include not only trees and details of them but also landscapes and the fauna connected to these plants. Please click here to listen to the interview with Sarah Simblet in which she tells about her work with the book.
The New Sylva is warmly recommended both for the text and for the magnificent illustrations.

(Redwoods, page 92; and Picea, page 60 both by Sarah Simblet)

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