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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Crows gathering by Judy Vanderbosch

There is a silver line that represents the thin silver thread that connects us all and completes the friendship between crows and the gardener.

This artist book, The Crows Gathering, is about the relationship of a gardener and a murder of crows. Each of the 15 copies are case bound and hand sewn. A thin paper separates the illustrated pages which are presented in watercolor. The inside cover papers are made with 100% cotton linters and fibers from the plants in the garden and the buds of the lavender plants. The poem is by the artist and handwritten on the pages. You can see some more images from the book by clicking here.

The artist, Judy Vanderbosch, received the Foundational Certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration from our School in 2012 and is now enrolled in our Diploma Program.
The book is at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver.

Congratulations Judy!!!

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