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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reflective surfaces in Botanical Illustration

(Quill and ink by Susan DiMarchi)
Learn how to tackle reflective surfaces in Botanical illustration through studying M.C. Escher's drawing techniques with your instructor, Susan DiMarchi.
In our series Drawing onTradition you'll learn about M.C. Escher the Dutch graphic artist who is mostly known for his black-and-white explorations in printmaking and drawing. His work included mathematically inspired lithographs , woodcuts and mezzotints that featured impossible constructions, exploration of infinity, architecture and tessellations. 
Using quill, brush and black ink, you'll explore Escher's technique of integrating reflective mirror images for a three dimensional effect. For more information about the workshop, please click here.
(Hand with Reflecting Sphere, 1935, M.C. Escher)

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