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Monday, April 6, 2015

Arts and Archives 2015 - First day

(Piazza della Repubblica)

Most of us arrived late last night and our hotel is very close to the Piazza della Repubblica, here around our arrival. Monday, April 5th is the second Easter Day in Italy as in many other European countries which created some limits to our activities in our first day in Rome. We did visit the National Roman Museum, Palazzo Massime where we among other treasures saw the frescoes and mosaics from Villa of Livia, Villa della Franesina, Villa di Baccano and many others in their original dimensions. very interesting was to see Termini Station complex frescoes and floor mosaics. 

 (From Villa di Livia)

In the afternoon we had the pleasure to meet Luca Palermo, and Italian botanical artist for 30 years who is specialized in preservation of the traditional methods. We had an exceptionally interesting and pleasant afternoon at this home.  

 Here Luca Palermo with ten of our group members, five group members are missing from the picture. See more pictures by clicking here.