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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Botanic Gardens of Naples - Arts and Archives 2015

This is the first Camellia japonica which was brought to Europe from Japan, This particular  species can produce seeds, all the other gardenias originate from this species. The Botanic Gardens of Berlin has another seed producing gardenia.   
On the fourth day of our tour we took the train to Naples to visit the Orto Botanico di Napoli,  Botanic  Gardens of Naples, a recently restored 17th-century castle which opened in 1810. Today the Garden displays around 25,000 plants, and about 10,000 species. Although open to the public, the Garden is an educational facility for the university actively engaged in the preservation of endangered plant species. The gardens also include an ethnobotany section.
After getting a presentation of the rarities on the grounds, Dr. Maria Rosaria Barone Lumaga took us through the palaeobotany section and also gave us an excellent presentation of the ethnobotany part of the botany museum.

Professor Paolo Caputo, the Director of the Botanical Gardens and the Biology Department of the University of Naples Federico II took us to the library to see some of the library’s many rare books. 
. (The library of the Botanical Gardens in Naples)

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