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Thursday, July 23, 2015

J. Gurneys' Gas Station Challenge

Dino Mart in Golden, CO by Randy Raak, black and white gouache

In June Games Gurney posted a call for a painting contest and challenged the the artists to paint  a gas station using black and white gouache. It needed to be a new painting and made on the location, either inside or outside of it. The entry needed to include a photo of the set-up and painting in progress.
The winner of the Grad Prize is our own Randy Raak. This is what James Gurney says about the piece:
"I would have loved this one even without the dinosaur because it captures such a sense of place, with the new retail construction on the hills above the station. The perspective is really good, and the values are carefully observed. Translating bright colors into gray tones is a challenge."
To see the results of the contest, please click here.

Randy's painting is 9" x 11" on 140# rough watercolor paper, completed 100% on location during five, two hour sessions.

CONGRATULATIONS Randy, what an honor!


Helen Smithwick said...

Yeah! Way to go Randy!

I k u m i said...

Congratulations Randy! What a beautiful painting.