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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Girls in Science 2016 - Drawing from Nature

Our team: Jennifer, Kaj, Rebecca and Melissa from our Research Department; Laura and Mervi from the School of Botanical Illustration

Last Saturday the School of Botanical Art and Illustration teamed with the Research Department to represent Denver Botanic Gardens at the Girls in Science event hosted by The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. More than 11000 people (mostly girls with their parents) during the day through the 21 clubhouses at the museum.  Our theme was trichomes and tomatoes.

 It was truly inspirational to see the young excitement around the microscopes and drawing pads.
Gracie, 5 yr, was doing very careful notes when she examined the different leaves with hairs in the microscope - already at the young age she knows that all observations should be documented.

You can see more images from our event by clicking here

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