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Saturday, March 12, 2016

SBAI 2016 Chronicles has started its journey!

Cherry Creek in March, ink by Sarah Simblet (please click to enlarge)

We are doing it again!
The hugely successful 2013 Chronicles-project was loosely based on Sketchtravel. The travelling sketchbook for 2013 SBAI students and instructors was a 160-page spring back hand-bound book with 11”x7.5” pages (Arches 90lb HP watercolor paper). A leather box was protecting the book on its travel. The book circulated 365 days and then got printed with help of a kickstarter project in 2015 (also make sure to watch the recently added video). We printed 500 numbered copies and also financed our Artist-in-Residency program through it.
Now another book has started its journey and is expected to be finished and filled with inspirational pages completed by our community after 365 days of travel. The book is similar than the previous one and the rules are the same as before: each artist has seven days to compose a page. All 2016 students, potential graduates and instructors are encouraged to participate.
The first page was just completed by Dr. SarahSimblet, our current guest instructor from U.K.   
Please follow the weekly updates for the 2016 Chronicles on the BI-facebook

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