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Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Arts and Archives: Kew Gardens, SBA and the Queens Galleries

Dr. Shirley Sherwood and Christabel King 
This was the third day and it was wet! We spent the morning at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery and gt an exceptional tour by Dr. Sherwood. Luckily Christabel was also able to join us and give her input to the tour. At the moment the Gallery is focusing on Margaret Mee and her legacy, and also the numerous Margaret Mee scholars who Christabel King has tutored in Kew through the years. The exhibit was exquisite (no photos).
In the afternoon we visited the Society of Botanical Artists' annual exhibit and later went to the Queens Gallery to see the Maria Sibylla Merian exhibit about her butterflies. The exhibition tells Marian's story through 50 works from the Royal Collection.
If you click here you can see few more photos.
  A Branch of Nibble Fruit with Leaf Mantis and Bean leaf Skeletoniser, watercolor on vellum. Maria Sibylla Merian, 1702-03

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