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Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Arts and Archives: Melk Abbey

The north side of Melk Abbey seen from the town of Melk

The Benedictine Melk Abbey is located just west of Vienna and was our destination for Sunday. Melk has always been an important cultural and spiritual center for Austria and as early as 976 the castle of Melk became the residence for the Markgrave for the present day Lower Austria.  In 1089 the castle was given to the Benedictine monks and since the 12th century a school has been connected to the monastery. The school is still active non-boarding school for all religions. The Abbey is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The Abbey houses a museum with several beautiful installations. The Abbey Library is an active library and houses around 100,000 volumes (theology, philosophy, medicine and law).
The monastery church from the beginning of the 18th century is an excellent representative for the baroque style, hard to describe in words.
 The Baroque monastery church
The monastery also houses a garden which is opened for the season in May.
On our return trip to Vienna we took the boat and were able to enjoy the vineyards and castles along the Danube river.
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