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Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Arts and Archives: Strahovsky Monastic Library and Prague Castle

One of the Strahovsky Cloister Library's many library halls. The Cloister was originally founded in 1143. Today its Library holdings are around 0.5 million volumes focusing in addition to theology also in sciences. We had an excellent presentation of the architectural history and details of the library and viewed a number of early botanical works. During the over two hour special private tour we saw tho of the many library halls.    
A page from the first multicolored copper engraving from Phytanthoza iconographia (1742) by Johan Wilhelm Weinmann. Phytanthoza iconographia is highly regarded for the quality of its color plates, and the accuracy of its images compared with previous herbals. Weinmann was respected for his writings on medicinal plants and herbs, and Phytanthoza iconographia is recognized as the first important botanical work to use color engraved prints. Georg Dionysos Ehret also was employed by J.W. Weinemann to illustrate some plants for this herbal.
In the afternoon we toured the Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad), The Old Royal Palace, Basilika of the St. George and St. Vitus Cathedral. Some of us then also visited the  Lubkowicz Palace.

Example of the rare series of birds from circa 1800 at the Lubkowicz  Palace within the Prague Castle complex. The outlines of the bird are drawn and partly colored in watercolor and then finished with real feathers. These unique birds were on public display for the first time.
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