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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7th Annual Arts and Archives Tour, April 18 - May 1, 2017

Quercus petraea, sessile oakPlate #2667 from Flora Danica, published between 1761 and 1883. It was aimed for popular education in the kingdoms of Denmark and Norway, and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. Read more about it here

This time we are exploring the arts, design and archives of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Berlin (Germany) with surroundings. The detailed daily program and special, for this group designed tours are under final development, however you can expect the following be included:
1. April 18-24 Copenhagen (Accommodation at Hotel Vesterbro, a superior first class hotel)
- Glyptoteque and Tracking the Colour Project
- Fredriksberg's Castle, the largest Renaissance Castle in Scandinavia. It also since 1878 has housed the Museum of Natural History
- National Museum of Natural History of Denmark (The Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum & Library, and the Zoological Museum)
- National Gallery of Denmark and Cotterfer Codex, the conservator and the Royal Collection (one of the oldest collections of its kind)
- We'll visit Odense where Hand Christian Andersen's Museum is and Roskilde, Denmarks first capital
We spend one day in Sweden visiting University of Lund Archives  and Swedish Agricultural University in Alnarp

A patent of nobility from 1629, granted by Charles I of England to the brothers Jacob and Patrik Forbus. From the De la Gardie collection, University Library, University of Lund.


 From the Örtengren Collection which is a collection of books, mainly in the field of pomology, fruit growing, and related subjects, once owned by the business man Sven Helmer Örtengren (1852-1922).
- we'll see also the Wooden Library, xylothek 

Train Transport to Berlin (First class, express)

2. April 24 - May 1 Berlin (Accomodation in Maritim Hotel, a superior first class hotel)
- Natural History Museum and Collections (Botanical and geological departments with libraries)
- Brothers Grimm
- Botanic Gardens Herbarium and Collections
- Humbolt University and  Brothers Grimm
- Checkpoint Charlie
- We'll visit Potsdam and Fredrick the Great's Palaces
(From Flora Danica)

The Price: $2830* (double occupancy)
The above package includes breakfast, internet access, tax and service fee in hotels; first class rail ticket, local transportation to destinations; entry fees, tour fees and basic no-trip cost travel insurance (upgraded policies available for an additional cost).  

The trip is limited to 12 people only and it is sold out. If you are interested please let me know and I'll add your name to the waiting list. In 2018 we travel to Southern Spain (Grenada, Seville etc.) and Morocco - you can already put your name on the list if you plan to come with!

The Royal Palace, Potsdam

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