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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Botanical Illustration 2016 Scholarship Recipients

We are happy to announce the recipients for the 2016 School of Botanical Art and Illustration Scholarships:

1. Elsa Kern-Lovick

 (Ospreys, Elsa Kern-Lovick, graphite)
Elsa's passion is natural history illustration and she loves recreating and interpreting plants, animals, and natural processes. She has mostly focused on ornithology, but is seeking to gain and hone skills in botanical illustration because of plants’ important presence in our environment and on our plates, and because of their intricacy of morphology and diversity of function. 
Elsa has a degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and wants to use her skills as botanical illustrator to promote sustainable agriculture and pursue illustrating field guides, scientific publications, and media. She lives in Bar Harbor, Maine.

2. Eileen Richardson
(grape leaves, Eileen Richardson, ink)
Eileen examines natural patterns and the origins of biomimicry in her illustrations. She wants to refine her skills in botanical illustration because it bridges the worlds of science and art. She hopes to be able to use the botanical illustration to fuel social movements, especially environmental conservation and preservation. 
Eileen has a BFA from Emmerson College and chef's degree from NTA's Natural Foods Program. She is currently heavily involved with the Rocky Mountain Land Library
To see more examples of the recipients' work, please click here.

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