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Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Artist in Residence positions with School of Botanical Art and Illustration

Phacelia sp. , pen and ink by Lauren Bassing, our 2016 artist in residence. Lauren was mainly working with  with Phacelia in our research department and produced illustrations for scientific publications. She also taught a 3-day workshop in How to work with herbarium specimens. (Please click the image to enlarge)

This is an exciting avenue for an illustrator/artist to get involved in the daily happenings at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The resident has the opportunity to document the day-to-day progress and changes in the Rocky Mountain plant world, translating the botanic gardens’ purpose as a place of preservation, conservation, education and diversity into images or works which bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of an environment some may never visit. The works completed under this residency contribute to the public understanding and appreciation of our collections and the broader environment we care for and offer an opportunity to see our activities through the eyes of the contributing residents.

The summer 2017 residency provides an opportunity for the selected illustrator/artist to get involved in a variety of activities at the Denver Botanic Gardens, from participation in open studios, demonstrations and educational projects in the classroom or the Science Pyramid to developing a blog or other online documentation.

The resident is expected to contribute to the established priorities of Denver Botanic Gardens, negotiated and tailored to the resident’s own personal interests. The residency could involve participation in any of the following:
·         Participation in Open Studios and presenting work in progress
·         Educational workshops
·         Demonstrations for the public
·         Working with illustrations for scientific publications

  • The illustrator/artist is expected to spend five days/week on site, although this can vary from week to week depending on other professional commitments by prior agreement.
  • The residency may involve presence during evenings and weekends.
  • The resident must provide their own supplies, equipment, and logistics for their activities during the residency.

Outdoor studio space, access to the Gardens’ library, herbaria and the classroom.

This call for illustrators offers two residency opportunities, each for a period of six weeks:
1. July 10 – August 15 
2. September 11 – October 16

The residency provides a stipend of $3,000 for the selected illustrator/artist to be used for both housing and materials.

·     If the resident is from one of 62 countries with Tax Treaty benefits and the resident has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), resident needs to complete Form 8233.
·     If the above does not apply, the international resident must complete Form W-8BEN and the Gardens will need to withhold 30% of your payment, which you can apply to get refunded after the tax year.
·     The resident needs to be proficient in English to gain the most from the experience.

At least one completed original work from the selected illustrator/artist will become property of Denver Botanic Gardens.

The resident reserves the copyright of the produced illustrations, but will give written permission to Denver Botanic Gardens to use or print images for publicity, publication, or retail product development. When the resident reproduces artwork created during the residency for their own purposes, publication information will include the language: “This artwork was produced under the Artist-In-Residence Program at Denver Botanic Gardens.”

The residency is open to all illustrators/artists who have completed a certificate of botanical art or illustration (or equivalent). Artists who have completed a certificate program in scientific illustration or nature illustration (or equivalent) are also eligible. The instructors of Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration are not eligible for the residency.

The application form should include:
·         A description of how you will respond to the opportunity and how this opportunity will develop your practice (not more than 500 words in length, typed and double spaced).
·         CV with two references
·         Link to your website and/or blog
·         Five (5) examples of recent work in a low-resolution format (not to exceed 2MB per image)
·         Your preference for the residency time period
Please email your application to with “Illustrator in Residence 2017” in the subject line.

Closing date for submissions: February 28, 2017
Selection completed by March 15, 2017

Three of John Pastoriza-Pinol's 13 plates that he completed during his 6-week Artist in Residence period in 2016. John also taught a  3-day workshop on Intricacies of Fine Detail with watercolor.

John is demonstrating how he gets the aerial perspective right - Asiatic lily in making.