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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1. 2017 Arts and Archives - Copenhagen

 Rubus chamaemorus from Flora Danica (1761-1883) that consist of 51 parts and 3240 copper engraved plates. This page comes from the first volume with three parts published in 1766.

Our 2017 Arts and Archives Tour started in Copenhagen today with a visit to the Royal Library and to the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst). It a was sunny but chilly 2-km morning walk to the Library where we first had a tour focusing on the architecture, history and cultural life of the library. There after we had an excellent viewing and interpretation of several early Danish herbals, Flora Danica, prayer books and other rarities including Peter Forsskål’s Album Amicorum from mid 1760’s containing a personal note from Carl von Linnaeus and works connected to the Arabia Felix.
The afternoon we spent in the National Gallery leaning about the history, conservation methods and challenges of the  Cotterfer Codex and the  Green Codex both illustrated by Holzbecker and originally obtained from the Gottefor Castle in Schleswig-Holstein (1610/20-71). The Codex was commissioned by Fredric III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp which belonged that time to Denmark. The codex includes 365 folios and 1180 illustrated plants all on parchment and painted with gouache. We could also view the original plates for two of the 5 oversized books.
We rounded up the first day by visiting the excellent current exhibits at the SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) .

Dr. Niels Borring presents one of the oversized folios from the Cottefer Codex

To see more pictures form our first day please click here.

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